Did you know about this TfL hack that could save you 30% off your fare?

Students have been advised not to miss out on this discount (PA)
Students have been advised not to miss out on this discount (PA)

A lesser known hack could be saving you money on train journeys – but you need to be below a certain age.

People travelling around the capital using the 'pay-as-you-go' system could be forking out much more than they need to – purely because they did not know about a cheaper way to travel.

Young Londoners not in the know may well be using contactless for the odd journey here and there thinking it may not be worth their time investing in travel cards when they are not using the travel system too often.

But it turns out there is a cheaper way of getting out and about in the capital, even when you are not a frequent traveller, which could be helping with the ever-rising cost of living.

One student online told of her newfound discovery in being able to travel the system a lot cheaper – but did say she didn't "want to think about" how much she had wasted over the years.

She said: "Since finishing my degree I did not travel enough to warrant buying travelcards with the Oyster 18+ discount, so have just been using contactless on my card as it says there is no discount on pay as you go with the 18+ oyster.

"However... with a 16-25 or 26-30 railcard, there's 1/3 off off-peak fares and daily caps.

"I never considered that my student oyster not offering me a discount would mean I could still get a young persons discount with a different card as why wouldnt the student card access that discount?!

"Anyway, I cringe to think of how much I've thrown down the drain over 3 years, wanted to highlight this to hopefully ensure others don't make the same mistake!

"Also I've had the required railcard the whole time, just only ever used it on trains, eurghhh."