Did Drew Barrymore and Comedian Pauly Shore Actually Get Engaged on Her Talk Show? (Video)

Drew Barrymore may have just gotten engaged to comedian Pauly Shore! While the whole ordeal played out on “The Drew Barrymore Show” Friday, Barrymore told Shore, a longtime friend, that he’s “going to have to stay tuned to find out my answer” before shouting: “I love you so much!”

The conversation began after Barrymore gushed over Shore’s kindness and character toward the end of the episode, calling him “an amazing force of light,” which led to Shore reflecting on why he hasn’t been able to make relationships last. He also admitted that his mother was upset when Barrymore married Tom Green in 2001 and thought that she should marry Shore instead.

That’s when, standing above her on the sound studio stage, he pulled out a whopper of a diamond ring and proposed to her on one knee.

“That’s how Mitzy felt?” Barrymore asked, shocked.

“That’s how I feel, too,” Shore said, laughing. “And that’s why I came here tonight on this glorious night to present you with a ring. I duly wed…”

“Are you proposing Pauly?” Barrymore said.

“Might as well, right?” he responded.

Barrymore put the ring on her finger and marveled at its size in amazement.

“This is an amazing engagement ring, by the way,” Barrymore said, adding, “Guess what? You’re gonna have to stay tuned to find out my answer. This has been a wild ride, Pauly Shore. I love you so much!”

Earlier in the segment, Shore confessed that he’s never been married, and Drew dug into why — what is he afraid of and what is he looking for in the person he would marry?

“I want to deal with the right person. Someone that is my best friend. You know someone that, it’s not about sex, it’s not about how you look,” Shore said. “It’s about, ‘Yo, let’s go get a sandwich.’ You know, more of a friendship.”

Barrymore said she could appreciate that.

“I want you to find that friend and companion that you never have sex with, and that you walk the dog and eat and hang out and like think of — well, maybe occasional sex, but have the best friendship,” she said.

So did he actually find out with Barrymore live on air? As Barrymore said herself:

“If you want to know how this turns out, come back tomorrow!”

Watch the video in the clip above.

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