DICE Forgot About Building Collision In Battlefield 2042

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Hm. Wonder where this glass leads me, oh snap...

Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be a broken mess of a game, one that probably could’ve benefited from another month—or year—in development. Still, it’s officially out on most major platforms, and players are once again having a blast with aspects of it that the designers never intended them to. This time, instead of spectacularly busted vehicles being the source of enjoyment, it’s busted level geometry, as players have discovered that some building walls have no collision whatsoever, allowing them to pull off some sneaky shenanigans like hiding helicopters in places they shouldn’t be able to access at all.

As first spotted by VG24/7, Reddit user Darktoothone shared a clip showcasing the issue. While playing on Hourglass, one of Battlefield 2042's newest maps based in Doha, Qatar and lined with glass skyscrapers, the Redditor pilots his helicopter right through the walls of a large building. Unfortunately, it rapidly becomes apparent that he’s not the only one who had the idea to hide out within the level geometry, as he discovers another helicopter has already hidden itself within the permeable walls of the structure, and before long, that chopper asserts its claim to the space by making short work of Darktoothone.

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