Diane Warren Says Her Song From ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Is “My Anthem Too” – Sound & Screen Film

Diane Warren Says Her Song From ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Is “My Anthem Too” – Sound & Screen Film

Diane Warren has written hit songs for the soundtracks to movies from Mannequin to Armageddon. She has three original songs in 2023 movies, but her song for Flamin’ Hot is especially personal. Warren said she wrote “The Fire Inside” because she related to the movie’s subject.

Flamin’ Hot is inspired by the story of Richard Montañez, who’s said to have invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while working as a janitor at Frito-Lay. Eva Longoria directed the film.

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“It’s such the American dream,” Warren said Thursday at Deadline’s Sound and Screen event. “When I wrote the song, it was kind of like my anthem too. The fire inside is a double entendre.”

On the surface, Montañez was motivated by the spice of Latin food. But Warren said the real fire inside is the passion any artist has to persevere.

“You need passion because when you have the fire inside nothing can stop you,” the 14-time Academy Award nominee and recent Honorary Oscar winner said. Becky G recorded the song for the film.

Even as a legendary songwriter, Warren said she still has doors slammed in her face. So she has become tenacious to make things happen.

Warren and Longoria were working in the same building when Longoria was developing Flamin’ Hot. Warren was persistent, if perhaps a bit too early.

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“I am kind of annoying,” Warren said. “I’m annoying in the right way. I’m annoying because I care. I really want to be a part of something.”

Once Longoria had shot the movie, she relented and showed Warren a cut. She began writing the song the following day.

“The next day I came up with the title ‘The Fire Inside’ because that’s what his character had,” Warren said.

Becky G is the latest artist to make a Diane Warren song her own — and Warren chose her specifically.

“I’m casting the artist,” Warren said. “You have to be authentic to the movie.”

Warren also wrote the song with Latin rhythm to reflect the Montañez family.

‘It was natural, intrinsic to the song,” Warren said. “I wrote it with that kind of beat.”

Flamin’ Hot is streaming now on Hulu.

Check out the panel video above.

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