Diana Danielle rejects Malaysian politics due to 'backdoor, side door, rotating door'

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Diana Danielle was responding to Anwar's tweet. (PHOTO: Twitter/Diana Danielle Facebook)
Diana Danielle was responding to Anwar's tweet. (PHOTO: Twitter/Diana Danielle Facebook)

Malaysian actress Diana Danielle found herself in the spotlight recently after replying to a tweet by Leader of the Opposition Anwar Ibrahim in which he asked Malaysians not to be politically apathetic.

"If we choose to reject politics, we are sacrificing the future of our children. To be decided by those who are corrupt," he wrote on Saturday (2 July).

On Monday, Diana replied to the tweet, "I reject because no matter who I vote, there's the backdoor, side door, rotating door, emergency door, and the Narnia closet filled with those i didnt vote for, taking over the government and letting hooligans in. so what the effing point??! (sic)"

Her reply has since been retweeted over 1,000 times and received over 2,000 likes as of Wednesday afternoon (2.40pm), with many commenting that they shared her sentiment while others criticised her for her indifference.

In further replies, Diana said she voted at the last general election "yet my Voice and many of ours were silenced."

She elaborated, "The point is that progress cannot be made if those in power get away with abuse, and shedding the trust of the nation. What progress can be made if those calling the shots sabotage and ruin the whole system of voting by then overriding it?"

On Wednesday, the actress also wrote, "It’s like voting for your choice — when they already have chosen who they want, only giving you “false democracy” to keep you happy. You’re not solving anything by just 'trusting' a system that’s constructed to dupe you. I didn’t say 'don’t vote', I want them to stop fooling us."

Malaysia has been through three changes of coalition governments over the last four years after the 2018 general election due to Members of Parliament changing party support, leading to loss of parliamentary majority. Dr Mahathir Mohamad and then Muhyiddin Yassin were prime minister before incumbent Ismail Sabri Yaakob took over the reigns of government.

The next general election must be called by 14 September 2023.

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