Diablo IV's Class Designer plans to add new things players aren't even asking for, doesn't 'see a hurdle' to bring Blood Knight or other classes to game

If skills aren't being used or working out, expect them to get buffed or redesigned, says Adam Jackson, Diablo IV's Lead Live Class Designer.

(Photo: Blizzard)
(Photo: Blizzard) ((Photo: Blizzard))

Don't expect the class you played last season to continually be the best or in the meta.

Given that Diablo IV is a live service game, shaking up the meta is pretty easy, says Diablo IV Lead Live Class Designer, Adam Jackson, in a group interview during Blizzcon.

Jackson, who was previously Lead Class Designer, was spun out to head a team to look at making changes to the live aspect of the game.

"We actually have a group of dedicated people, including myself, that are only looking at the problems that players have in the live game. And also even looking at ways to make the game better that aren't just answers to problems, but really just anything we could think of that's going to make things cooler," said Jackson.

Adam Jackson, Blizzard's Lead Live Class Designer. (Photo: Blizzard)
Adam Jackson, Blizzard's Lead Live Class Designer. (Photo: Blizzard) ((Photo: Blizzard))

One way is to add new legendaries or uniques, like in Diablo III, but the most obvious way would be to buff or redesign skills that "players aren't attracted to" or "just aren't working".

While change is great, Jackson says he and his team have to be careful when making these changes, as they don't want to fall into a "pretty tight box" where all the classes have the same AOE, the same mobility, the same tankiness, or the same clear speed, and that it would affect the them from making creative design decisions and interesting things.

Any hints on the new class coming to Diablo IV?

Diablo IV is getting a new expansion later next year, and will include a new class for players to dig into. However, Jackson wasn't ready yet to reveal any details.

That said, he added that if need be, it would be possible to bring in classes like Diablo Immortal's Blood Knight into the game.

(Photo: Blizzard)
(Photo: Blizzard) ((Photo: Blizzard))

"Without giving anything away in the future, because I don't want to promise things like that, but I don't think there would be any, I personally, and this is me speaking for myself, I don't see a hurdle to bringing something like the Blood Knight or anything new that Diablo Immortal or other games make into [Diablo IV]," said Jackson.

He said that the team is currently more focused on making the things that fit "their game, the narrative, and the world".

Jackson said that it was like bringing back classes from Diablo II or Diablo III, but instead of doing the same thing, the designers could try something new instead.

"When is the right time to bring something that we know people want? And when is the right time to really challenge the norms of even the ARPG space and try to push it, push the genre forward with something new? And I think our game needs to do both really well."

The future of Diablo IV

At Blizzcon, Blizzard announced that Diablo IV will be getting a new expansion called 'Vessel of Hatred', which will see Mephisto returning.

It will be released in late 2024 and will likely feature Diablo II's Kurast Jungles.

In other news, Diablo IV will also be getting a mid-season Holiday Event that will start on December 12 called Midwinter Blight as well as a new endgame event called the Abattoir of Zir, likely to drop in December as well.

The Kurast Jungles. (Photo: Blizzard)
The Kurast Jungles. (Photo: Blizzard) ((Photo: Blizzard))

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