That Diablo 4 player who sold a crossbow for 30 billion gold has already spent 2 billion of it on item re-rolls alone

 Diablo 4
Diablo 4

One of the players reportedly responsible for getting Diablo 4's in-game trading suspended has revealed what they spent their ill-gotten gold on.

If you've been out of the loop on Blizzard's game for a little bit, the developer stepped in last week to suspend Diablo 4's in-game trading due to a gold duplication exploit. The in-game trading was reinstated just a day later, but a few days later, players came forward to reveal it was a 30 billion gold crossbow that got trading suspended in the first place.

It's Jeppe-O, the seller of the 30 billion gold crossbow, that's just now come forward to reveal what they spent their horde of money on. It was this player who put up the crossbow for auction in the first place on Discord, with bidding beginning at 150 million gold and rising at astronomic levels all the way to 30 billion from someone ironically named "Poor guy."

In the video below, Jeppe-O reveals they spent 2 billion of the reported gold purely on item re-rolls. Yes, item re-rolls really can add up in price very quickly, but when you've got 30 billion gold on you, who's counting? Jeppe-O managed to bag a pretty solid bow for their Rogue from spending right around five billion gold. Was that a good deal? We honestly can't decide.

Additionally, Jeppe-O hasn't been suspended for their role in the 30 billion crossbow trade, and doesn't think they should be. They've been getting a lot of hate mail recently, though, from "maidenless" players who think they should be kicked out of Diablo 4, but they're pretty unperturbed by the whole thing. After all, they technically never broke a single rule when trading the crossbow.

Jeppe-O doesn't even think they're responsible for getting in-game trading shut down in the first place, but admits that the timing surrounding the whole thing is a little incriminating. Oh, and they're giving away 500 million gold if anyone can guess who's narrating their video above.

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