Diablo 4 loot hunter finds ultra-rare ring, and they "didn't even realize" what they'd discovered

 Diablo 4.
Diablo 4.

An unassuming Diablo 4 player has stumbled across one of the game's most coveted items, and they didn't even realize it.

The player below has taken to the Diablo 4-dedicated subreddit to show off their brand new Uber Unique, revealing a very nice Ancestral Unique Ring (don't be fooled by that stun ability - it's a seasonal effect). However, the player admitted in the process that they didn't even know this was an Uber Unique item in the first place.

The text description of the Ancestral Ring denotes that it's a "Unique" item, which is incredibly rare in itself, but Uber Unique items are on another level entirely. The poor Diablo 4 player simply had no idea what they'd managed to get their hands on, and it's a huge relief they realized they'd found a prized Uber Unique item before they cast it aside.

There's a mini-debate in the Reddit comments over how a player, like this, is meant to know they've got their hands on an Uber Unique item. One commenter is just as puzzled as the player as to what makes the ring an Uber Unique item, so at least they're not alone. Another adds that it's a failing of Diablo 4's "game design" that it doesn't communicate the extent of the item they've acquired.

"The fact that you need to ask this very legitimate question is a testament to the game's poor design, and the answer is that if you would get either in the game you would have absolutely no idea that one is an unique and the other one is an uber-unique, and the only way that helps people know the difference is tables and articles outside of the game," the commenter writes.

The player even reckons that Blizzard might change Uber Uniques to have their own rarity tier in Diablo 4. That would be a pretty huge step from the developer, but one that would effectively communicate just what a player had obtained.

Diablo 4 Season 2 launches in just under a month from now on October 17, and it's bringing with it five new endgame bosses.