DHL opens Middle East's largest robotic sorting center

DHL opens the Middle East's largest robotic sorting center

to keep up with the increasing pace of orders in Israel

LOCATION: Airport City, Israel

A hundred conveyor belts sort 20,000 packages an hour

roughly five times more than before

A cargo plane can be handled in 50 minutes instead of four hours

(SOUNDBITE) (English) YAIR BITTON, CEO OF DHL EXPRESS ISRAEL, SAYING:"The news is great for all of us, especially when the economy, the Israeli economy as you know, is growing very rapidly and infrastructure needs to be invested in especially in the port, the airport, where we have our flights coming in. Not only flights, also our sorting packages. So this new facility will put us head to head with the best European sorting facilities in Europe"

DHL invested $80 million in the facility


"The vision of the future obviously, it's you know, when we planned this facility five years ago we thought this facility would be good for the next 20 years. Unfortunately, or fortunately, by finishing it, we see that it's good maybe for the next five years, so now we are looking at south facility and we will look into city centers."

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