Devil worshipping club rejected by Australian university over fear of ‘summoning Satan’

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — A club for witches, satanists and occultists was banned from meeting on campus over fears they might summon Satan.

ABC reported that a complaint was made by an anonymous student against the Adelaide University Occult Club as they claimed the members were also involved in 'criminal activities.'

The Adelaide University Union board vote rejected the club’s registration during a general meeting in March, preventing them from holding meetings on campus.

Occult club president Ashley Towner spoke out against the decision, calling it 'discriminatory' and a 'violation of freedom of speech' in a heated complaint letter.

The club was founded by Towner in 2020, with the goal of creating a safe space for students interested in witchcraft and paganism.

Activities have included discussions on Occult literature, pumpkin carvings, Halloween dress-up parties, and horror movie screenings.

Towner’s fiery response to the university union demanded their club to be registered officially, followed up with signatures of 25 club presidents and 661 signatures from an online petition.

'Even if we did want to summon Satan, it's not against university or union policy to do so, so it's still not really grounds to reject us,' Towner said in her letter.

A University Union spokesperson has said that the club was not registered because two of the four committee members voted on it.

It would have to need three votes to sign it in as an official club.

According to the university’s website, there are six Christian clubs, one Muslim club, and one secular club registered by the Union.

'I just think it's very important to have that added diversity for people who don't fit into those two religions are given a platform on campus,' Towner said.

Despite its rejection, the club still continues to hold meetings and had a book club meeting on May 3.

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