Devastated Mariupol mourns loved ones

STORY: The battle for Mariupol in southern Ukraine, during the first months of the conflict, pulverised this once-bustling port city of 430,000, reducing its estimated population to the tens of thousands.

Mariupol resident Albert Nosov had come to visit his son's grave. Valery was disabled and had died of hypothermia.

"There was no water, no heat, nothing (in the building). We couldn't take proper care of him," 85-year-old Albert told Reuters.

According to analysis by the BBC, more than 4,600 graves had been dug at the Staryi Krym cemetery outside Mariupol since Russia sent troops into Ukraine in February, with a significant number - around 1,500 graves - added in recent months.

Russia signalled a major retreat from the city of Kherson and the right banks of the Dnipro River in neighbouring Kherson region on Thursday (November 9).