Detroit police officers pull gun on Black man breaking into his own car

Two Detroit police officers have been placed on administrative duty after they were accused of using excessive force during the arrest of a man who was trying to break into his own vehicle.

The incident unfolded around 5pm on Monday when officers saw Larry Morrison, 34, attempting to gain access to a vehicle on State Fair Ave in the city’s east side.

Footage posted to social media shows several officers struggling with Mr Morrison as they try to handcuff him on the stoop of a property, according to Fox2Detroit.

As a crowd gathers a person can be heard shouting “he was trying to get into his own car, let him go”.

Mr Morrison then breaks free from the officers, as one punches him from behind and several wrestle him to the ground.

At this point, an onlooker intervenes and grabs one of the officers from behind.

As the volatile situation continues to escalate, one of the officers is seen drawing their weapon.

Mr Morrison was eventually taken into custody. His family say he has been released without charge, and has sought hospital treatment for his injuries.

Larry Morrison was arrested by Detroit police officers while trying to break into his own car (Fox2Detroit / screengrab)
Larry Morrison was arrested by Detroit police officers while trying to break into his own car (Fox2Detroit / screengrab)

Detroit Police Department deputy chief Melissa Gardner said on Tuesday that two officers had been placed on administrative duties while the arrest is investigated by the department’s Professional Standards Bureau, according to Fox2Detroit.

Bodywork camera footage and video posted to social media would be reviewed as part of the investigation, which will determine whether further training or disciplinary measures were needed.

Ms Gardner noted that Mr Morrison had refused to give the officers his name, and the officer who drew his weapon had pointed it towards the ground.

Family member Marzett Jackson, who was seen pleading with officers in the video, told WXYZ that Mr Morrison had locked his keys in his car and accused the officers of being overly aggressive.

“This could have all been avoided by them pulling and properly asking him, is this his car, before they jumped out aggressively,” Mr Jackson told the network.

His aunt Chiquita Williams, who owns the house where the arrest took place, told WXYZ her nephew had been struggling to breathe during the encounter.

Another relative Jason Price said he was grateful for the actions of backup officers who helped to de-escalate the tense scene.

The Independent has sought further information from the Detroit Police Department.