Detroit Lions will break out brand-new throwback helmet for 'MNF'

You hear the rumble of the Ford Mach 1 before you see it in the empty parking lot. It crawls to a stop in a parking space, and viewers get multiple looks of a classic Ford logo.

In the backseat sits the current Detroit Lions' helmet, and the driver pump fakes as if they are going to grab it. Instead, viewers see them grab a duffle bag that is slightly unzipped and carrying another helmet.

The driver then places the Honolulu blue helmet on the roof of the vintage car.

In celebration of Detroit's 90th season, this is what the team will sport when it plays the Las Vegas Raiders on "Monday Night Football."

The Detroit Lions are breaking out new helmets for their
The Detroit Lions are breaking out new helmets for their "Monday Night Football" game against the Las Vegas Raiders. (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)

The Lions announced this in June and said they will wear these helmets only when they play in their all-gray alternative jerseys. On the facemask, the color will be Detroit's traditional gray in matte.

After being blown out 38-6 by the Baltimore Ravens, Detroit is looking to bounce back and expand its first-place lead in the NFC North.