Determined Wombat Waddles Through Tasmanian Snow

A determined wombat didn’t let a “vigorous” cold front that left many parts of Southern Tasmania enjoying snowy conditions get in its way as it traversed the Central Plateau Conservation Area of the Australian island state.

Tasmanian native Joel Wilson captured footage of the wombat as it waddled through the snow-filled landscape.

Wilson told Storyful that he and his partner were driving through the Central Plateau on August 16, on their way to an AirBnB to celebrate their engagement, however, the pair “hadn’t quite reckoned with just how snowy it was going to be for our drive.”

As they drove over a small bridge, Wilson said, “my partner suddenly let out a scream” after spotting the wombat.

The couple pulled over to watch the wombat burrowing its way through the snow, with Wilson calling the cute sight “really special opportunity for us both.” Credit: Joel Wilson via Storyful

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