All the Details (and Spoilers) on 'The Bachelorette's Sam McKinney

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Time to Deep Dive on Sam M. From The BacheloretteABC

Much like that ex-boyfriend who simply won't stop sliding into your DMs, The Bachelorette is back and we cannot seem to quit it. Though it sounds like we're in for a pretty great season thanks to THE Jenn Tran, who is an absolute delight. And honestly, she said tentatively, her contestants seem pretty great too? Which brings us to 27-year-old Sam McKinney, aka Sam M., aka Jenn's First Impression Rose winner.

Based on the fact that he secured that all-important and extremely traumatized flower (it SAW THINGS), Sam is a serious contender, so let's dive into what we know about him—plus some spoilers.

He's From the South (and Has the Accent to Prove It)

Sam is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so it goes without saying that he knows his way around a minigolf course. His job? Working as a contractor, IN CASE YOU COULDN'T TELL from the numerous clips ABC aired of him looking hunky whilst cutting wood. And honestly, if it doesn't work out with Jenn, Sam might have a shot with the person who writes ABC's bios because they...are thirsty:

"Sam M. brightens every room with his dazzling smile. His tattoos and muscles might look tough on the outside, but Sam M. swears he’s a total softie."

He Wants to Get Married and Have Kids

Apparently Sam—who was homeschooled—has "always been a relationship guy" and his "ultimate dream" is to be a husband and father. He's had at least one serious relationship and apparently he's very loyal. To the point where....

Cheating Is His "No.1 Deal-Breaker"

Makes sense, considering he ended an engagement to his middle school girlfriend after she cheated on him. "There was just no repairing that relationship," he said during The Bachelorette's premiere. "That was definitely the biggest heartbreak I've really ever experienced. But I wasn't about to let that situation right there stop me from chasing my dream, which is to be a husband, be a father."

He Has Some Very Specific Hobbies

Aside from dressing up in Risky Business cosplay and playing air guitar (which we saw on The Bachelorette), Sam's into riding motorcycles, golfing, watching Sons of Anarchy, and officiating weddings (just his sister's to be fair). far does Sam make it on The Bachelorette? Gonna assume pretty far considering how passionate his night-one makeout session with Jenn was, but here's what we know. PREPARE FOR SPOILERS—after this gif of Jen listing off some important attributes:

Sam M. Gets Cut Before Hometowns

Buuuuut he makes it pretty far. According to super-sleuth Reality Steve, Sam is in the elite group of pre-hometown contestants who make it to Seattle, right before Jenn narrows down her contestants to just four people.

So, Who Wins?

Jenn’s final two contestants, per Reality Steve, are Marcus Shoberg and Devin Strader. And turns out, she gave her final rose to *dramatic drum roll* Devin! To directly quote Steve via his blog, “She’s engaged to Devin Strader.”

According to the network’s official bio, Devin is “extremely hardworking, passionate about his career, and proud of the business he’s built. When he’s not working, he loves running and spending time with his dog, Charlie—these two are a package deal.” Devin “dreams of surprising his partner with romantic gestures throughout their relationship” and is “hoping his future wife is honest, kind, and embraces his big personality.”

Love that for Jenn! And who knows, maybe Sam will end up being a contender for the next Bachelor.

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