New details on captured mafia boss’s hideout

STORY: Perfumes, designer clothes and sex pills.

These were some of the items left behind by top mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro, investigators say - as new details emerge on his life in his last hideout.

He was caught on Monday at a private hospital in Palermo after 30 years on the run.

Massina Denaro hid in an apartment in the small Sicilian village of Campobello di Mazara - where residents say they're happy about his arrest, but also saddened that their village will be known from now on for its infamous resident.

"I am a teacher at the local elementary school with nine-year-olds, and yesterday morning when I learned the news, we told them this news - they would have learned it at home anyway. We commented on the news with them saying it was a significant moment for us. I'm just sorry that our town's name is coming to the fore because of these ugly matters."

Fine furnishings and expensive items of ‘an appreciable economic level’ were found in the apartment according to Colonel Fabio Bottino, the carabinieri commander of Trapani province.

Messina Denaro was known for his taste for luxury goods, including designer clothes and expensive sunglasses.

Police said he was wearing a watch worth $38,000 when he was arrested.

Nicknamed "'U Siccu" – or The Skinny One – the 60-year-old fugitive has picked up 20 life prison terms in trials held in absentia for his role in an array of mob murders.

Investigators believe Messina Denaro was driven on Monday to the Palermo hospital from Campobello di Mazara to be treated for cancer.

Despite his illness, prosecutors say he is fit enough to serve time in prison where he will carry on with treatment.