The Details Behind The Bearbrick x Casetify Collab

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Casetify and Bearbrick are both known for their creativity and expression. So it makes perfect sense to see both brands come together for a new line of tech accessories. The Bearbrick x Casetify collection marries Bearbrick’s design-driven mission to Casetify’s core value of expressing individuality and creativity through tech accessories. The collection sees a range of customisable phone cases and Apple Watch bands by Casetify adorned with the iconic bear-shaped figures from Bearbrick that are loved by fans all over the world. Fans can shop a black-based figure adorned with Casetify’s signature medley design, along with custom phone cases to match.

The Bearbrick x Casetify line-up includes all of Casetify’s best-selling styles with designs appearing on Impact Cases and Mirror Cases. Inspired by Bearbrick blister packaging, the collection debuts a special retail package design as well. Customers can shop these designs on cases for AirPods and AirPods Pro, as well as Apple watch bands. All items will be available in limited quantities, retailing from US$35 to US$137.

In addition to the tech accessories, the collection also includes a special Casetify Bearbrick, serving as a commemorative item for Casetify’s 10th anniversary. The Bearbrick comes in two sizes – 100% (total height about 7 cm), which can be attached to the smartphone case and 400% (total height about 28 cm) that is ideal for display. The Bearbrick x Casetify collection will be available to shop online. Fans can sign up now for priority access to the collection ahead of its launch. (Images: Casetify/Bearbrick)

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