Destruction Seen in Disputed Ukrainian Town of Marinka

Buildings in the disputed town of Marinka, Ukraine, have been completely destroyed, footage released by the Ukrainian Strategic Communications Directorate on Monday, January 16, shows.

The town of Marinka in Donetsk Oblast has been disputed since 2014. After initially being captured by Russia, the town has been under Ukrainian control since 2015.

Drone footage shared by AFU Stratcom shows an area in the south of the town.

“Marinka no longer exists,” AFU Stratcom wrote, according to a machine translation, “The occupiers left nothing alive from the city, where about 9,500 Ukrainians lived in 2021.”

On January 11, Russian media reported that Marinka was “close to complete liberation”, showing similar images of destruction in the town to those shared by AFU StratCom.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on Sunday, January 15, that fighting was ongoing in Marinka with Ukrainian troops present. Credit: AFU StratCom via Storyful

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