Destiny 2: Where to find Xur for the weekend of June 26

Giovanni Colantonio

Seasoned Destiny 2 players know they can count on the elusive merchant Xur to make an appearance with special exotic items every Friday, but what’s not so clear is where you’ll be able to find him. Below, you’ll find a map with a marker that indicates where Xur is and provides a list of his wares.

Who is Xur?

If you’re new to Destiny 2 and need a bit more information about how this works, you should know that Xur is a special vendor who sells exotic weapons and armor. Each week, he comes to the solar system with a slate of goods, including an exotic weapon and one piece of exotic armor for each character class. Lately, he carries Fated Engrams, which guarantee players an exotic drop they don’t already have from the collection of exotics from before the release of Shadowkeep.

Where to find Xur

The trouble with Xur is finding him. We always know when Xur will show up — at the daily reset at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET each Friday. The question is where Xur is. Previously in Destiny 2, Xur’s location was marked on the map. He’s now unmarked and harder to find each weekend. Here’s where to go to track down Xur, the Agent of the Nine, and everything you need to know about what he’s offering this week.

Xur’s wares for this week

(June 26 to June 30)

This week, you can find Xur on the EDZ. Load into the Winding Cove landing zone and head straight north from there. You will eventually reach a rocky cliffside, which you can jump up. Xur will be perched at the top of that cliff, ready to sell you some exotics.

Here is the exact location:

Xur EDZ Location

Here’s what Xur has for wares.

The Colony – 29 Legendary Shards: On paper, The Colony just may have the wildest exotic perk in the Destiny series. This exotic grenade launcher fires “insectoid robots” which chase down your target and explode once they’re close enough. As far as weapons perks go, it doesn’t get more sci-fi than that.

Phoenix Protocol (Warlock) – 23 Legendary Shards: Phoenix Protocol is built to give you more perks for standing in your Well of Radiance. When you get kills or assists while standing in the well, you’ll receive super energy. Wear this chest piece if you’re the kind of Warlock who likes to plant your feet and shoot rather than running around.

Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Hunters) – 23 Legendary Shards: If trip mines are your grenade of choice, Young Ahamkara’s Spine is a worthy exotic choice. These arms will increase the duration and blast radius of your trip mine grenades. As an added bonus, ability damage will grant you trip mine energy.

Synthoceps (Titan) – 23 Legendary Shards: Synthoceps are exotic gauntlets that’ll turn your Titan into a punching machine. Your melee lunge range will get a boost while wearing these. Plus, your melee and super will get a damage boost while you’re surrounded by enemies, so you can literally punch your way out of a tight situation.

Isochronal Engram – 97 Legendary Shards: You can only buy one of these Engrams per week, per account, but if you’re filling out your exotic collection, it’s worth it. The Fated Engram automatically gives you something you’re missing from the Destiny 2 Year 1 and 2 exotic sets, and now Forsaken as well.

Five of Swords: Xur is also offering the Five of Swords challenge this week. This challenge introduces modifiers to Prestige Nightfall missions for increased rewards.