Despite losing pet koi to killer otters, family in Singapore still escorts them to safety

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — Ask any pet owner who lost their pets in a tragic manner and they will voice their heartache.

A koi fish owner in Singapore, however, chose to escort the otters who killed their fish to safety.

The owner, who identified herself as Angel, said when they found their prized koi dead, one of the culprits, a pup, was still outside the gate.

The otter, looking alone and lost, then retreated into a drain for safety while its romp was nowhere in sight.

Angel and her family, however, kept watch over the pup fearing it might get washed away.

Eventually its family returned for the pup but with the morning traffic, Angel's mother helped them to cross the road and the four otters retreated to a nearby forest.

Angel then contacted OtterCity, a platform to share original collections of otter stories, pictures and videos in Singapore.

She expressed her concern that the otters were far from their natural habitat.

“We are not going to lie – we are upset about our kois being eaten. We buried them in the garden. But we understand that Singapore is a very small island, so we need to respect the animals that cohabit here. This is their home too. We need to learn to co-exist.

“Our family believes that if you want to love animals, you have to love them all, regardless, and that the unfortunate incident with our koi’s passing was just a circle of life.”

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