Despite being hospitalised, Perak makeup artist helps bride for her wedding (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 — A recovering makeup artist in Perak, who was hospitalised, went the extra mile for a bride-to-be client.

The 37-year-old makeup artist Normaziana Omar, also known as Anna, shared a clip on TikTok which showed her taking on a client even though she was still recovering in the hospital.

In the video, Anna was seen putting makeup on the client and attending to her veil in the hospital ward.

Talking to portal MStar, Anna explained that she was admitted to Pantai Hospital in Manjung on October 9 after suffering from a fever for the past eight days, which turned out to be viral fever.

Due to her predicament, she had to cancel all the makeup jobs she had for the week and even passed a few of her booked jobs to other makeup artists in the area.

“However, this one bride-to-be client kept on insisting on me doing her makeup as she really wanted me to do it.

“So, I told her that she would have to come to the hospital to get it done and she was willing to, as long as I’m the one who did it.

“So we ended up discussing the details as I was also feeling better the night before and she also understood my situation. Plus, I didn’t have the heart to tell her no even though I’m under the weather, as long as my client’s happy,” Anna said.

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Anna added that she had also discussed the matter with her doctor and was given the green light to take on the client.

She also revealed that this was the first time the client had used her service and the client had known Anna through her friends’ recommendations.

“My dad advised me to just rest but somehow, I felt like this is my responsibility that I need to take care of. Plus, I was getting better.

“I also pitied the client who told me that she has been waiting for quite some time for me to be her makeup artist on her wedding day,” she said.

Anna added that in her 14 years of being a makeup artist, this was her first time working while being hospitalised.

Anna’s TikTok video has since been circulating across social media with her video garnering over 300,000 views along with 30,000 likes and comments from local social media users applauding her for taking the extra mile.

She admitted that the kind comments had made her more determined to keep on going as a makeup artist.

“When I read the comments, I felt more determined to continue working. As long as I’m healthy and well, I’ll continue to pay my dues.

“When we’re sincere in our work, the process will be easy,” she said.