Designer turns egg and nut shells into accessories

This furniture and jewelry is made of nut and eggshells

Location: Cairo, Egypt

An Egyptian designer has created a new eco-friendly material

that is a biodegradable alternative to plastic

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) EGYPTIAN DESIGNER WHO MAKES ACCESSORIES OF BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL, RANIA ELKALLA, SAYING: "I got the idea from my father, who used to bring nuts, and we would crack them right before we eat them in order to have them fresh. We always try to eat organic and healthy food. I saw how difficult it was for him to crack the shells. Most of the nut consists of shells, especially coconut, 67 percent of it is the shell. It is very hard and I was astonished at how much it resembled wood, and I thought, why is no one using it, it is a waste."

Elkalla collects shells from restaurants and shops

processes them into a powder

and then applies heat to adapt it for different products