Designer creates art from favorite Ramadan series

STORY: This art corner celebrates Egypt's most beloved TV characters

LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt

Designer Yosra Abdelrahman used props to recreate an old television set

where fans can take pictures

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) EGYPTIAN INTERIOR DESIGNER AND ARTIST, YOSRA ABDELRAHMAN, SAYING: "When I grew up and had the idea to create decoration sets in public spaces, the idea that crossed my mind was to use our longing for the past and bring back what Ramadan means to me, and that is "Ramadan during the golden era." The characters of the golden age such as Sherihan, Nelly, Fatouta, and so many others that make up our history with Ramadan."

"During Ramadan in the 80s and 90s, we didn't have many television channels and the variety that exists today, so all of us grew up watching the same channels, the same series, and the same programs, and I guess this is what binds our generation. There was always happiness, and nice memories of families getting together, and a longing for a time we all wish we could go back to."

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