Derek Ramsay enjoys current life too much to return to showbiz

28 Oct - Derek Ramsay is not yet ready to make his showbiz return, two years after his last acting project.

The actor, who spoke to PEP recently, stated that he first realised the importance of taking a break from showbiz after he was in lockdown by himself during the height of the pandemic.

"It made me realise that the world is changing so much and my parents are in their twilight years, and if I keep grinding and working so hard, I'm going to lose precious time with my family and I'll never forgive myself," he said.

"No money that you earn, no award, no project will replace the pain you will go through because you will regret [not] spending time with the people that you love," he added.

Derek stated that he would prefer to live a content and blessed life, especially after marrying Ellen Adarna and being a parent to his son Austin and stepson Elias, even if it means losing millions.

The actor stated that while he does miss acting, it would take something really special for him to decide to do a project.

"Especially with the rules now, you have to take two months off and you're in a bubble. It's difficult for me to stay away from my family," he said.

For now, Derek said that he is content with his work as a contractor, pursuing his passion of building homes.

Derek enjoys his newly married life with Ellen Adarna
Derek enjoys his newly married life with Ellen Adarna well as being a dad to son Austin well as being a dad to son Austin

(Photo Source: Ellen Adarna Instagram, Derek Ramsay Instagram)