Dentist exposes harsh reality of having unqualified individuals give you ‘fashion braces’

Oh, dear – while braces used to be confined to the trials, tribulations and traumas of one’s teenage years, in recent times, they’ve become something that many adults have taken to wearing, in some cases without any particular need, and in others, forgoing the expensive orthodontist appointments for cheaper Instagram “dentists” instead.

Remember 2018’s teen YouTube orthodontist? Well, her ilk is still out there plying their mangle-mouthing trade, at cut-rate prices and to disastrous effect.

Azila Mohd Kasim, an actual dentist, took to her Facebook page to show the painful results of when patients seek our low-cost braces, for unqualified individuals: A Johor woman decided to hop on the braces trend bandwagon, after seeing many of her colleagues sporting the “cute” and “without actual purpose” look.

While their “dentist” fitted them for RM220 (US$53), the victim was able to find an even cheaper purveyor willing to put braces in for a cool RM190 (US$46). Jumping at the chance, Azila recalls that the victim spoke of having her mouth initially washed with an unidentified type of blue liquid that was painful before having the apparatus installed.

After one week, her lips, and face had become dangerously swollen, and the unnamed victim reported to the “dentist” that she had a fever.

At the time, our unqualified friend slash “braces practitioner” told her that this was normal.

It was not, and her swollen mouth later began to sprout pus filled blisters. When she went to a nearby government hospital, they informed her that they could not remove the apparatus as they did not have the equipment, nor the safety measures, to ensure a successful outcome.

As the incident occurred over the Chinese New Year holiday two months ago, the victim had to wait a full three days to go to a private clinic to remove them, being charged RM650 (US$160) for their troubles in the process. Doctors then took a sample of her blood, finding that the braces had caused a bacterial infection and rampant germs throughout her body.

So, what’s the lesson? Well the good dentist Azila would like for us to actually do something, instead of just complaining on social media.

Yes, you can actually do something! Turns out there’s a way of taking on unscrupulous practitioners of medical treatments and services – and it’s right here at the Ministry of Health’s website. Complain! Get these people investigated! Don’t ever think you can get braces for RM200. Sekian.

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