Denmark's top secret nuclear bunker opens to public

STORY: This top secret Cold War bunker is now open to visitors

It was designed to shelter Denmark’s monarch and government from nuclear war

Location: Oplev, Denmark

[Ulla Varnke Egeskov, Curator at the REGAN-Vest bunker]

"This is a nuclear bunker and here would be living the Danish government, the regent, some press, some communications people and some people to make everything work, the machines and the ventilation an so on, so all in all 350 people living in here."

NATO member Denmark finished building the REGAN-Vest bunker in 1968

But local residents were unaware of its existence until it was declassified in 2012

Now visitors can take a tour of the facility

which is still fitted with original furnishings

"It’s like walking into the Cold War itself, and all the fear and all the preparing for the war to come. And then it’s also like walking in a time capsule because everything is down here and is from the 60s, 70s and 80s and when you see it some of the things you remember again, so it’s a bit of fear and recognition.”