Denmark soccer player 'awake' after collapsing

Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen was conscious in a hospital Saturday, according to officials, after the 29-year-old collapsed during his side’s Euro 2020 opening match with Finland.

It happened suddenly in the 42nd minute of the match. A hush fell over the crowd. His teammates gathered around him, and one of them appeared to stick his fingers in Eriksen's mouth to clear his airway.

Then, he was given CPR on the pitch by medics.

People gathered outside bars in central Copenhagen, many in tears, during the period when Eriksen's condition remained unclear.

Finland fans, too, were shocked by the news:

"Sorry, but I have no words, it's so terrible."

"The game doesn't matter anymore. The only thing is that he gets better and we just want him to get better."

The scoreless game was stopped for one hour and 45 minutes while Eriksen’s condition was unknown.

In the end, Finland claimed a shock 1-0 victory over Denmark.

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