Demonstrators Rally to Protect the Affordable Care Act on Supreme Court Steps

Demonstrators gathered at the Supreme Court in Washington to rally for the protection of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as justices considered the healthcare plan’s constitutionality on Tuesday, November 10.

Arguments against the continuation of ACA, alternately known as ‘Obamacare,’ focus on the penalty imposed upon non-compliers, which Republican conservative groups argue undermines the constitutional foundation of the ACA altogether, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Kristin Mink shared this footage from the steps of the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning, where demonstrators delivered speeches, danced, and performed as justices heard oral arguments regarding the future of Obamacare inside.

Nine-year-old activist Zyah Brown addressed the crowd, saying, “Our lives are supposed to matter. You just can’t forget that factor.”

A performance by a brass band followed. Credit: Kristin Mink via Storyful

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