Demonstrators Clash With Police During COVID-19 Health Pass Protest in Toulouse

Demonstrators clashed with police as they protested against the French health pass system in Toulouse, France, on August 28.

Nicolas Mercier filmed a video that shows protesters facing-off with police before tear gas canisters are deployed towards the crowd. Mercier told Storyful the protesters ran through a local shopping center to escape the police at the end of the demonstration.

Local media citing officials said 3,500 people attended the Toulouse’s protest on Saturday. A total of 160,000 demonstrators across the nation protested against the health pass system on that same day.

The French Government announced new COVID-19 restrictions and requirements such as people needing to show a health pass when visiting locations such as bars, restaurants, malls and hospitals. The pass must prove an individual is one of three things: fully vaccinated; tested with a negative result within the last 48hrs or recovered from COVID-19. Credit: Nicolas Mercier via Storyful

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