Demonstrators Block Major Street in Beirut to Protest Economic Crisis

Demonstrators protesting hardships brought on by the economic crisis in Lebanon blocked Hamra Street, a main thoroughfare in Beirut, with bins and refuse on March 16.

Videos filmed by local resident Sam Dinnawi show garbage receptacles on fire in the street as protesters chant.

Dinnawi told Storyful people had taken to the streets to protest “the high price of the dollar and the high cost of foodstuffs, the inability of hospitals to absorb sick cases, and the successive economic crises from 1994 to today.”

Local reports said protest actions took place elsewhere in Beirut and across the country on Tuesday – including in Tripoli, where protesters gathered outside the home of former prime minister and current MP Najib Mikati.

Protests rooted in economic anxiety have surged in Lebanon as the country’s currency continues to lose value amid political disarray, reports said. Credit: Sam Dinnawi via Storyful