Demi Moore's dog Pilaf steals spotlight during 'Feud' press tour: 'She's the star and I'm her accessory'

Demi Moore holds her dog Pilaf in her right arm.
Demi Moore brings Pilaf to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on Wednesday. (James Devaney/GC Images via Getty Images)

Demi Moore is doggone crazy for her Chihuahua Pilaf — and it’s contagious.

The 61-year-old actress brought the 1.5-pound pup along for her Feud: Capote vs. the Swans press tour in New York City this week. The dog visited morning shows and late shows, sat for a town hall interview, oversaw an autograph signing and posed for pictures on city streets. It may be Moore’s canine, but over the last few days, Pilaf has provided emotional support to the masses.

Pilaf, gifted to Moore by one of her three daughters, made her late night TV debut on Wednesday. Moore — who plays “swan” Ann Woodward in FX’s Feud — brought out the animal during her Late Show With Stephen Colbert interview.

“Pilaf, the little mouse, is a star,” the real star of films ranging from Ghost to G.I. Jane gushed. “My little teeny tiny companion. ... She is a treasure, she’s like my little extra heart.”

Moore — who has about nine dogs in total — talked about submitting Pilaf for a Guinness World Records title. However, a different pocket-size Chihuahua named Pearl, who stands 3.59 inches tall, is certified as the world’s shortest dog. Moore blamed Pilaf’s “supermodel” long legs.

As soon as Pilaf joined the conversation, Colbert was smitten with the pup, telling Moore, “I don’t actually want to talk to you anymore, I want to talk to Pilaf” as he nestled the dog into his suit jacket. When they wrapped up the chat, he invited Pilaf back — even without her human.

“You are welcome anytime. You don’t have to come with her,” the CBS host said as Moore laughed.

Moore holds Pilaf outside the Good Morning America studio.
Moore and Pilaf were up bright and early for an appearance on Good Morning America on Wednesday. (RW/MediaPunch/IPX via AP)

Earlier, Moore brought Pilaf to ABC’s Good Morning America, where she sniffed the staffers before Moore’s interview.

On air, Moore answered Michael Strahan’s hard-hitting questions about Pilaf, who has her own Instagram account.

“She is, first of all, the greatest gift that I’ve ever been given,” Moore said. “My daughter found her. She’s like my little extra heart. She’s been my traveling companion for ... almost two years now that I’ve had her. She’s just magical.”

George Stephanopoulos said the only text he got that day was from his daughter asking if Moore had brought Pilaf to the studio. Moore admitted that Pilaf’s fame has eclipsed her own, quipping, “The truth is, she’s the star and I’m her accessory.”

Pilaf also gave Moore support at a SiriusXM town hall hosted by Andy Cohen. While the actress — alongside her Feud co-stars — talked about ex-husband Bruce Willis’s frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, which has been painful for their blended family, the dog sat peacefully on her lap.

Here’s a close-up of Pilaf, who doesn’t have a bad side.

Pilaf in Moore’s lap while she participated in a SiriusXM town hall with the cast of Feud: Capote vs. the Swans.
Moore stroked Pilaf while participating in a SiriusXM town hall with the cast of Feud: Capote vs. the Swans on Jan. 23. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Pilaf also looked on as Moore signed autographs.

Pilaf, peeking out from Moore’s jacket, watches as the actress signs autographs.
Moore signing autographs as Pilaf supervises on Jan. 22. (Raymond Hall/GC Images via Getty Images)

She just pretty much went with her everywhere all week — often in the comfort of a sling.

New York is just one stop on Pilaf’s world tour. Over the last two years, the dog had been everywhere with Moore, who is based in L.A. and Idaho, including the French Open finals, front row at Milan Fashion Week and even (controversially) the Louvre.

Moore carries Pilaf in a sling under her jacket as she walks in New York City.
Moore and Pilaf on the go in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood on Monday. (Gotham/GC Images via Getty Images)

Moore is crazy about all her dogs, saying a few years back that she was gifted a pillow from her aunt that says “I sleep with dogs” because they fill her king-size bed.