Dem Power Broker Booted From Eagles Game Over Israel Flag

Julie Roginsky/Twitter
Julie Roginsky/Twitter

New Jersey power broker, insurance executive, and former co-owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer George Norcross was kicked out of Sunday’s Philadelphia Eagles game against the Dallas Cowboys for displaying a dual flag outside his box that showed American support for Israel. According to a city spokesperson, an Eagles staffer tried to settle the situation, but Norcross argued back so Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who was also at the game, was asked to intervene. An unnamed Eagles source told the Inquirer that Norcross failed to comply with the stadium’s policy that bans the hanging of signage, and became verbally and physically abusive when asked to leave. In a statement, Norcross said he didn’t know why “the Eagles/NFL believe the US-Israeli flag should be deemed ‘obscene or indecent.’” He also cited the football team’s own expression of support of Israel after the Oct. 7 attack and threatened a lawsuit against both the Eagles and the NFL.

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