Della Wu's concert in HK postponed following airport protest

14 Aug – Following reports of the mass protest at the Hong Kong International Airport, the upcoming concerts by Taiwanese performers Ding Dang (Della Wu), Ting Ting and Ann have been postponed.

As reported on Epoch Times, the news was announced by organiser Unusual Entertainment in a statement posted on Facebook.

The organiser stated that due to the "latest social situation", which they fear might affect fans who are going to the Macpherson Stadium for the two concerts originally scheduled on 23 and 24 August 2019, they have decided to re-schedule both concerts.

The new dates have yet to be revealed.

The organiser also announced the refund procedures in the same post, adding that "the contents of the two concerts are well prepared and ready to be performed" and they are looking forward to putting on both shows for fans in the near future.

Almost 200 flights were cancelled to and fro Hong Kong as thousands of protesters shut down the airport and handed out leaflets explaining the cause of the unrest.

(Photo source: Della Wu Instagram)