Dell to phase out Chinese chips by 2024 - Nikkei

STORY: Dell plans to stop using all Chinese chips by 2024.

That’s according to reports in Japan’s Nikkei newspaper on Thursday (January 5).

The computer maker has also reportedly told suppliers to cut down the amount of other made-in-China parts.

And producers of printed circuit boards and other components have been told to prepare capacity in Vietnam and other locations.

It comes after the U.S. added Chinese chipmaker YMTC to its trade blacklist.

21 other Chinese firms working on artificial intelligence chips were also added.

Back in October, the Biden administration published a set of export controls.

That includes a measure to cut China off from supplies of certain chips made with U.S. tools anywhere in the world.

The Nikkei says Dell rival HP has also begun talking to suppliers about moving production away from China.

Neither firm responded to a request for comment from Reuters.