Deliveroo riders' protest adds to app's headache

A fresh headache for food delivery app Deliveroo.

Some of the company's riders protested outside its London headquarters on Wednesday (April 7).

One said they were demanding better pay and working conditions.

"Our workplace is the street and it's in and around customers' homes, and that does have its risks. And there's no recognition of those risks we put ourselves through. To then be paid sometimes absolutely nothing feels like really demoralising."

The protests add to Deliveroo's woes, coming just days after a dismal debut on the London Stock Exchange.

Its shares tumbled around 30% on their first day of trading last week.

Wednesday though brought a glimmer of hope for the battered stock.

It was the first day of unrestricted trading, when retail investors could buy and sell.

The stock duly climbed around 2% by lunchtime.

Though that still left it about 25% below its listing price.

Worry over working conditions was one factor behind the IPO flop.

Some major investors including Aviva sat out the deal, citing concerns over the firm's gig-economy model.

But Deliveroo was dismissive of the new protests.

A spokesperson said recent polling showed 88% of its riders were happy with the company.