Watch: Shocking video captures moment Deliveroo driver beaten by rival couriers in Tooting attack

A Deliveroo rider who was ambushed and beaten up by a rival gang of delivery drivers on a busy south London street has spoken of his frustration that his attackers have not been brought to justice.

Fahad Aman was surrounded by a dozen riders wearing crash helmets to conceal their identities outside the McDonald’s restaurant in Tooting.

The 23-year-old was punched repeatedly in the face and kicked in the head when he was lying on the ground, leaving him cut and bruised.

The attackers also stole his iPhone in the attack as he locked up his bicycle at around 5pm on Saturday.

Police were scrambled to the scene after his brother Faisal rang 999 but the thugs who launched the attack escaped.

Faisal, who is married with two young children and has lived in Tooting for the past 14 years, collected video evidence of the attack from nearby businesses and passed the footage to police. Fahad, who has only recently arrived in the UK from Pakistan, spoke of his frustration that they had not yet been brought to justice even though the attack had been caught on video.

He told MailOnline: "I feel like my brother and me have given the police everything they need to catch these men, but they won’t do it.

"I am so disappointed and upset. I did not expect the Britain to be like this.

"I did nothing wrong. I was only trying to lock my bicycle up to the lamppost when these men started attacking me.

"They punched and kicked me and stole my phone. It was horrible.

"I called my brother Faisal and he called the police.

"The police have done nothing. They have just let these men get away with beating me up. And because of that they will probably do it again."

Faisal told the Standard: “We are worried about my brother he needs a CT scan. The attack came out of nowhere, just a discussion over bike parking. Up to ten people attacked. I tried to help but there were too many of them."

"We will not let this go", he added. "My brother deserves justice."

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they responded to Mr Aman's call.

When officers arrived, police say neither man was seriously injured and both declined LAS treatment.

The police then checked the CCTV from a nearby restaurant.

They say while it did capture the incident, it was filmed from a distance and the suspects were clad in dark clothing with their faces obscured by masks, leading to the explanation given to the two men.

In a statement, the Met said: "Police were called at 16:57hrs on Saturday, 18 November to Mitcham Road SW17.

"Two men, aged 23 and 37, alleged they had been assaulted and had a phone stolen by another group of men following a dispute over parking. The suspects then fled the scene.

"Officers responded. The victims thankfully had not suffered serious injuries and declined LAS treatment.

"Officers checked CCTV from a nearby restaurant. While it did capture the incident, it was filmed from a distance and the suspects were clad in dark clothing with their faces obscured by masks.

"Given this, and the absence of any witnesses or forensic opportunities, officers explained to the victims the difficulties this would present in identifying the suspects.

"They were given safety advice and advised to call 999 if they encountered the suspects again."