How to make delicious homemade chicken chili

Hello friends! Today's recipe is a delicious, lightning-fast chicken chili, ideal for saving your dinner and making your guests happy. This is a complete and healthy dish, you can eat it without guilt! Ingredients: 1 onion 350 grams of minced chicken meat 250 grams of canned beans (one can) 400 grams of canned peeled tomatoes (one can) a chilli a pinch of salt a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil STEPS: Cut an onion into small cubes Pour a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil into a pan Add the diced onion Fry the onion until golden Add the minced chicken Divide the meat with a spoon Add a pinch of salt Add a chilli Mix, mix, mix When the meat is cooked add half of the peeled tomatoes (in all it will take a can) Add the remaining tomato Now add a can of beans (I used the red ones but you can use the ones you like more) Stir until the sauce shrinks Eat and enjoy!

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