Delhi jails report total 111 coronavirus cases

New Delhi [India], June 26 (ANI): The total count of coronavirus cases including the staff in different Delhi jails and inmates is 111, Director General (Delhi Prisons) Sandeep Goel said on Friday.

He said that 31 persons have recovered and one has died due to the disease.

While 40 cases have been reported among inmates, 71 have been reported among the prison staff.

"In Rohini jail, 16 prisoners who tested positive have recovered. In Tihar, three inmates were found COVID-19 positive, one of them has recovered. Twenty prisoners of Mandoli jail tested positive for the virus, one of them has died," Goel told ANI.

He said one inmate is in AIIMS and was directly admitted there by police. The person is under judicial is yet to come to the jail.

A total of 14 patients have recovered among the jail staff, he said. (ANI)