Deja Riley turned her passion for fitness into a lifelong commitment to making the industry more diverse

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Lululemon and MIRROR instructor Deja Riley helps turn any living room into your personal dance floor. (Photo by Lululemon)
Lululemon and MIRROR instructor Deja Riley helps turn any living room into your personal dance floor. (Photo by Lululemon)

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Deja Riley knows that on a daily basis, thousands begin their morning or unwind from a long workday by selecting one of her classes via the MIRROR. A former backup dancer for the likes of Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, the enthusiastic instructor and current Lululemon ambassador is on a mission to help people fall back in love with exercising.

"I always go back to my absolute favorite quote and life mantra, which is by Arthur Ashe: 'Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can,'" Riley said to Yahoo Sports. "It's easy to fall into disappointment and be discouraged by not meeting fitness goals you set for yourself. With the right mental strength coupled with the power and consistency you put behind each goal, you can absolutely reach it. We all have to start somewhere."

Earning the endorsement of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson, MIRROR might be the least cumbersome training apparatus on the market. The nearly invisible interactive home gym boasts thousands of workouts taught by 15 trainers, including Riley. Her energetic demeanor in both live and on-demand sessions is not an act. The New York-based guru brings nothing but positive energy from warm-up to cool down, easing you into a routine that while appearing challenging at first, subsides any nerves thanks to her perfect step-by-step instructions.

Sure, the $1,500 purchase equates one month's rent or a down payment on a car. But, for those craving versatility, the MIRROR is the best option available.

"The MIRROR feels like an amazing adventure around every corner," Riley continued. "Even if you've never done kickboxing or Pilates, there are beginner classes that offer modifications based on injuries and how much space you have to exercise. With anything you try in fitness and wellness, consistency is key. My first recommendation would be to take a dance class. Dance makes you come alive and the energy you get from within makes you feel empowered to do whatever's next. I guarantee that if you continue to do it and find workouts that you love, you'll eventually be addicted to it."

Riley on the importance of diversity in the fitness industry

Not only is Riley instilling confidence in thousands of clients across the country, but she's also helping to bring more diversity in the health and wellness space. As both a member of Lululemon’s advisory board as an inclusion, diversity, equity and action (IDEA) delegate and director of culture for the organization Fit For Us, she explained to Yahoo Sports why she takes those responsibilities seriously.

"With Fit For Us, we're not only educating Black people on the ins and outs of the fitness industry so that we can also get a leg up, but we're also utilizing our voices and our platforms to share much-needed resources and provide safe spaces for us to progress and for our allies to learn. It's important in life to not just be a teacher but also a student.

"One of the things I love the most about Lululemon is that it doesn't come back to performative efforts. They're doing the long-term work and being transparent in recognizing there's a lot of work to be done. They want to do better and they show they want to do better through various initiatives like ad campaigns and bringing on diverse employees and representatives of the brand."

Lululemon expands MIRROR domination to Canada

After dominating the home fitness face for years in the United States, Lululemon is finally bringing the MIRROR up north to Canada. Available to Canadians online and in-store beginning November 22, the growth will increase MIRROR’s in-store presence to almost 200 locations in North America.

Canada residents can order the MIRROR in Lululemon stores and online beginning November 22. (Photo by Lululemon)
Canada residents can order the MIRROR in Lululemon stores and online beginning November 22. (Photo by Lululemon)

Upon paying the nearly $1,500 sticker price, a monthly membership for access to thousands of on-demand boxing, barre, cardio, strength, yoga, meditation and other workouts coached by certified trainers retail for $39/month. For a limited time, you can take $250 off your order by entering code OCTOBER21 at checkout.

The MIRROR is not only great for the entire family, but also includes a 30-day risk free trial. Visit if you're interested in learning more about this game-changing appliance.

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