You’re Definitely Going To Want To Preload Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Image: Bungie / Sony
Image: Bungie / Sony

Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion The Final Shape is going to be a big deal, as it will conclude the series’ 10-year story to this point, but it’s also going to be quite literally enormous. This week, Bungie finally revealed just how much space The Final Shape is going to take up on your hardware, and the numbers make me want to upgrade my hard drives.

The Final Shape will take up anywhere from 110.7 GB of space on PS4 to 165.93 GB on the Xbox Series X|S. If those numbers sound bad, buckle up, because PC players have got it even worse. According to Bungie, folks who own the game via the Epic Games Store will need 279.66 GB of space and Steam players will need a whopping 299.7 GB of space.

The especially atrocious nature of the Steam install size is due to the fact that the platform installs both the old and new versions of the game when preloading an expansion like The Final Shape. PC players who already own the game don’t need to worry about the entirety of those 300 GBs and opt to just download the expansion, which still comes in at north of 150 GBs. If you want to jump in right at launch though, you’re probably going to want to preload the game as soon as possible anyways.

That’s simply too big. As Kotaku’s very own Ethan Gach pointed out, the space needed to install The Final Shape on Xbox Series S is going to amount to about half the space on its SSD. My current Xbox Series X has a 1TB drive and Destiny 2 is already the biggest game on it. In short, if you want to play The Final Shape right at launch (or more likely than not sit in several queues and try to play it) you’re going to want to clear up a good chunk of space on your drive and make some time to preload it.

Luckily, Bungie always takes down Destiny 2 for a lengthy maintenance period just before an expansion drops and allows players to preload the expansion in the meantime. Things are no different this time around, so as Destiny 2 goes into a 24-hour maintenance window beginning June 3, 2024 at 9 AM PST, be sure to check on your preferred platform and set The Final Shape to install!

In other news, PlayStation accidentally leaked The Final Shape a week early, Allowing some players to preview the expansion’s forthcoming content. If you weren’t one of those few, you’ve still got a week to catch up on whatever you need to do before The Final Shape rocks our worlds.

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