Deer Nabs Scrunchie From Unsuspecting Toddler's Hair

Animals being fed by children at a petting zoo is nothing unusual, but for one deer in Houston, Texas, it was a young girl’s scrunchie rather than any traditional treat that piqued its interest.

Two-year-old Adeline Chakkalakel was visiting the Rodeo Houston petting zoo with her family, and as they admired the various animals on show, a deer walked up behind her and took a scrunchie from her hair.

The footage was captured by the girl’s grandfather, Sunny Joseph, and was posted to Twitter by her father, Jason Chakkalakel.

Speaking to Storyful, Adeline’s father said, “Looking at her shocked expression she isn’t sure what happened and is concerned with the next animal approaching her.”

The footage was shot during the 2020 Rodeo Houston event, which ran from March 2 to 21. While the show has been canceled for 2021, organizers have already begun promoting the 2022 event, which is set to open its doors on February 28 next year. Credit: Jason Chakkalakel via Storyful