Is deeper more pleasurable? Malaysian expert sheds light on mystery of deep penetration, cervical orgasm

Milad Hassandarvish
The best sexual positions to stimulate the G-spot are believed to be ‘cowgirl’, ‘doggy style’ or ‘closed missionary position’. — pic

KUALA LUMPUR, June 5 — The G-spot is probably the most talked-about aspect of sexual pleasure in women.  

Yet, it remains elusive to most as many men tend to venture “deep” in hopes of hitting the excessively sensual spot.

But consultant urologist Professor Dr George Lee Eng Geap rubbished the common belief about the correlation between deep sexual penetration and the G-spot orgasm, and said such theories were completely wrong.

“As the erogenous zone is located at the front wall of the vagina, the depth of penetration is irrelevant.”

Citing a 2017 study, Dr Lee said the G-spot was not a distinct part of the female anatomy, but a zone of the clitoral neurological network.  

“The G-spot is typically reported to be located at the anterior part of the vagina wall, around five centimetres between the vaginal opening and the urethra.

“It is also believed to be the remnant of a male prostate,” he said.

Dr Lee also noted that the G-spot can vary between different individuals, therefore it is often described as elusive.

However, he said there were several sex positions that could potentially stimulate the G-spot and lead to a heightened sense of arousal and powerful orgasms in women.  

These were believed to be cowgirl, doggy style or closed missionary position.

He said the cowgirl position allows the female partner complete control over the angle and rhythm of penetration to explore and stimulate the G-spot.

“In fact, the forward and back movement has higher chances of hitting the right spot than deeper penetration.

“Similarly, doggy style penetration can allow a forward penetrative angle to stimulate the erogenous zone,” he said.

Dr Lee also pointed out that the straddled missionary position can also allow shallow penetration to generate friction against the front wall of the vagina, without the need for deep penetration.

He also warned couples that deep penetration can become uncomfortable or even painful.

“Although painful sexual intercourse or dyspareunia can occur in up to 60 per cent of women, the pain caused by deep penetration hitting the cervix is uncommon.

“This is particularly common when the partner rushed into deep penetration, before adequate natural lubrication takes place.”

He advised that the correct way to avoid painful deep penetration should start with gentle foreplay.

“Starting slow allows arousal and vaginal adjustment before deep cervical orgasm.

“Building up the intensity gradually also allows frictional rubbing of the cervix, rather than the traumatic bombardment of the cervix.

When ready, he said to aim for the front of the body.

“During sexual stimulation, the vagina will elongate and cervix will move up towards the front of the body.

“Hence only aiming forward will achieve the cervical orgasm.”

Although the sexual pleasures of the clitoris and the G-spot stimulations are well-documented, Dr Lee said there is was third spot that can produce an intense, full-body orgasm.

According to him, the stimulation was known as cervical penetration.

However, he said the term “penetration” may be misleading as the cervix cannot be penetrated.

He explained that the cervix is a small channel at the top of the vagina, which connects the vagina to the uterus.

“Therefore, the pleasurable sensation is generated due to the repeated frictional contacts.”

He added that the orgasm may also not be achieved with the rubbing of the penis on the cervix.

Dr Lee highlighted that the normal vagina is about 7.5cm to 10cm deep, but during arousal, the vaginal elongation occurs with sexual stimulation, which pulls the cervix further backwards.

Therefore, he added, only male partners with a longer penis or the utilisation of sex toys may be able to reach such depth of penetration.

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