Deep Snow Proves Purr-fect Fun for Playful Feline

A couple wondering how their cat would react to heavy snowfall that covered the Muskoka district of Ontario on December 24 was delighted when the feline leapt into the white blanket and chased little snowballs they threw.

The adorable video was recorded by Nathan Zantingh and shows two-year-old Freya-Beans jumping in the snow and trying to catch snowballs thrown by Zantingh’s girlfriend, Molly Simson.

Simson told Storyful: “Beans has always loved the snow, and every morning she waits by our sliding door to go out on the deck.” Credit: Nathan Zantingh via Storyful

Video transcript

MOLLY SIMSON: Ready? Hey, Beans! You wanna go outside?



(LAUGHS) Oh, my god, Beans. Here you go. Beans.


Got to get her ramped up.