Deep-frying Thanksgiving turkeys with Texas chef

STORY: Location: Bellaire, Texas

Could deep-frying a turkey be the tastiest way to do Thanksgiving?

Chef Andres Albarran says it may not be healthy, but that it adds crunch and more flavor

[Andres Albarran, Head Chef / Houston Catering Concepts]

“The crispier, the color and the flavor is different, too, because when you when you fry something, it's going to taste better. Yeah, it's like if you get a chicken tender, it's going to taste better than a grilled chicken tender. For me, fried is more flavor. That’s why I’m fat.”

The trend of deep-frying turkeys emerged from Cajun cuisine in the 1970s

[Andres Albarran, Head Chef / Houston Catering Concepts]

“I have my roux right here. I have some butter, Cajun seasoning, brown sugar, a little bit of the salt and pepper. That's it. That's what I have.”

The cooking method can be dangerous due to the combustible nature of cooking oil

and the use of an open flame, which could start a fire

Albarran said it takes about an hour and twenty minutes to fry a 25-pound turkey

He says for people frying a smaller turkey at home, it will likely take less time

This year Houston Catering Concepts raised Turkey prices from $120 to $150

[Riana Sherman, Chief Operating Officer / Houston Catering Concepts]

“Prices have skyrocketed. We are having a difficult time finding product. It is a lot of the inflation what is going on in the world. But anything from lettuce to potatoes to turkeys. All items that we use on a daily basis, we have gotten shortages of. So we have had to, you know, gone out to multiple resources to try and find those products. And oftentimes we haven't been able to. So we've had to improvise with our clients.”