Decked-out MAGA bus crashes in Staten Island, needs to be towed

NEW YORK — An over-the-top MAGA bus didn’t “pole” well in Staten Island Sunday.

Online videos show a bus decked-out in Donald Trump signage that ha to be towed after it crashed into a lamppost hours before the former president’s rally, according to Newsweek.

One witness claimed the bus began rolling away from outside a CVS store with no one behind the wheel and smashed into a pole outside a gas station. No injuries were reported.

The badly damaged vehicle is adorned with photos of the former leader, who was found guilty on 34 felony counts by a New York City jury last week.

The convicted criminal and probable GOP candidate in November’s presidential election spoke to hundreds of supporters in the Tottenville neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

That publication identified the bus’ owner as MAGA loyalists Donna Eiden and Rocky Granata, who also lived in the vehicle. They reportedly pumped $3,000 into maintaining the bus.

“That’s our life, we live in it,” Eiden told the Staten Island Advance. “I have my daughter’s ashes in it.”

Eiden claims she was asleep when her mobile home started rolling Sunday, taking down street signs and poles before coming to a stop. She estimates a new bus will cost $15,000.

The suddenly homeless pair still managed to attend Trump’s rally along with Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, who has called Trump’s conviction a “sadly unsurprising miscarriage of justice.”

The former president continues to insist he did nothing wrong, despite the swift and unanimous guilty verdict Thursday.

Trump’s presidential campaigns have been received well in Staten Island compared to other parts of the city. The Queens native got 22.6% of his hometown’s vote in 2020, while fewer than 18% of New Yorkers supported him in 2016, according to NY1.