Debris Slams Into Window While Possible Tornado Moves Across South Carolina

A possible tornado touched down in Spartanburg, South Carolina, severely damaging businesses, downing power lines and overturning vehicles, according to news reports.

According to local media, sightings of the tornado began around 10.30 am, and the National Weather Service said there were indications that a tornado touched down in the Spartanburg area, but no confirmation could be made.

South Carolina resident Mark Bordeaux was at work when he noticed that the rain and wind were picking up outside. Bordeaux recorded a video from inside his work building that shows strong wind and intense rain battering the surrounding windows and doors.

A few moments after the recording began, a large piece of debris loudly crashed into the front doors, as two of Bordeaux’s colleagues attempted to hold the doors closed against the powerful storm.

The piece of debris appeared to be a sign from the parking lot that was placed by the office building entrance.

“First we didn’t know where the sign came from then after the rain died down, we saw the numbers matched the numbers of the parking lot. It had taken quite a flight,” Bordeaux told Storyful.

Flash flood warnings are still in place for several areas across South Carolina until 9 pm on February 6. Credit: Mark Bordeaux via Storyful