Debris Flung, Downtown Building Destroyed as Hurricane Ida Lashes New Orleans

New Orleans was lashed by powerful winds and heavy rainfall as Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on August 29.

This footage by Joel Franco shows debris flung about by the violent gusts in the city’s downtown area (00’00’’ and 02’12’’). While on the street, Franco is forced to take shelter in a post office after windows on a nearby building begin shattering (00’55’’). Later, remnants of a building filmed standing (02’01’’) just hours earlier can be seen in ruin (02’36’’).

The hurricane first made landfall at Port Fourchon at around midday before making a second landfall near Galliano at 2 pm. The storm was carrying winds of up 145 mph, or 235 km/h, according to the National Hurricane Center. Credit: Joel Franco via Storyful

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