Death toll from Burkina Faso attack climbs to 80

The death toll in an attack on civilians and military personnel in northern Burkina Faso has climbed to at least 80.

That's according to the country's regional Sahel government on Thursday.

The attack happened on Wednesday, when Islamist militants raided a convoy being escorted by military police.

Security forces said at least 80 militants were also killed.

Wednesday's attack is the latest in a series of attacks in the Sahel across West Africa this month.

The Sahel, an arid strip of land bordering the south edge of the Sahara Desert, has been made ungovernable by armed Islamists.

Despite the presence of thousands of U.N., regional and Western troops, violence there has only intensified in recent years.

Thousands of civilians have been killed and millions more displaced since 2018.

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