From Deadpool 3 to Twisters, here are 5 Super Bowl 2024 movie trailers I can't wait for

 Deadpool and Wolverin walk down a dirt road in their classic comic book costumes in Deadpool 3.
Deadpool and Wolverin walk down a dirt road in their classic comic book costumes in Deadpool 3.

Ah, the Super Bowl – the most wonderful time of the year for wildly different reasons. For sports fans, the football game is an unmissable, highly engrossing treat. For music lovers, the Halftime Show is always something to behold. And, for everyone else, there's a barrage of trailers for the new movies set to debut this year.

We've already been treated to some early first looks for films whose teasers were due to be revealed during Super Bowl LVIII. That includes A Quiet Place: Day One's teaser and an unexpected Knuckles trailer for Paramount Plus' forthcoming Sonic spin-off series.

There are plenty of other big-budget flicks whose first trailers are being held back for the main event, though. Ahead of Super Bowl 2024 dominating the scene on Sunday, February 11, here are five movie trailers I can't wait to see during the sporting spectacle's commercial breaks.


Release date: May 17
Director: John Krasinski
Main cast: Cailey Fleming, Ryan Reynolds, Fiona Shaw, and John Krasinski

One of two mid-2024 movies with Reynolds as the main attraction, this Krasinski-directed (he also wrote the script) movie has been described as a live-action Pixar film by its cast, crew, and reporters.

IF stars Fleming as Bea, a young girl who gains the ability to see people's imaginary friends – known as IFs – following a traumatic incident. With the help of The Man Upstairs (Reynolds), who possesses the same power, Bea embarks on a life-affirming journey to reunite long-forgotten IFs with their former human pals.

The movie's first trailer was unveiled in December 2023, and it certainly has the air of a Pixar flick with its humor, melodrama, and gorgeously creative CGI characters. Steve Carell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Louis Gosett Jr, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph, and Awkwafina are just some of its starry A-list cast who'll lend their vocal talents to the movie's various imaginary creatures.

Inside Out 2

Release date: June 24
Director: Kelsey Mann
Main cast: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Tony Hale, and Maya Hawke

Speaking of Pixar, the long-awaited sequel to 2015's nostalgia-fuelled Inside Out arrives mid-2024. Based on its first trailer, which teases plenty of new emotions for now-teenage human protagonist Riley to deal with, it looks like a return to form for the Disney subsidiary, too.

Inside Out 2 sees Happiness, Sadness, and the rest of Riley's established emotions deal with the arrival of new chemical-based feelings, including Anxiety voiced by Stranger Things' Hawke. With a boatload of new internal characters to deal with, we can expect Riley to struggle as she navigates another turbulent period in her young life. Here's hoping the animated movie's latest teaser will confirm what other emotions will show up and vie for space in Riley's brain.


A promotional image for Twister showing two people running away from a giant tornado
A promotional image for Twister showing two people running away from a giant tornado

Release date: July 19
Director: Lee Isaac Chung
Main cast: Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos, David Corenswet, and Katy O'Brian

Who doesn't love a good disaster movie? Later this year, we'll be getting a sequel to one such film – Twister – which was the second-highest-grossing movie of 1996 and, perhaps surprisingly, earned two Oscar nominations in early 1997.

So, what's Twisters about? In a shocking turn of events – yes, that's sarcasm – it'll focus on another group of storm chasers who'll have to do their best not to get swept away as they carry out a new wave of scientific experiments. Among that contingent are Powell (Top Gun: Maverick), Edgar-Jones (Normal People), Ramos (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts), O'Brian (The Mandalorian), and Corenswet, who will play Superman in James Gunn's new-look DC Cinematic Universe (DCU).

Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Poster Release 2024
Deadpool 3 Poster Release 2024

Release date: July 26
Director: Shawn Levy
Main cast: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Emma Corrin, and Matthew MacFadyen

The only Marvel movie due to be released in theaters in 2024, this Marvel Phase 5 movie will finally see everyone's favorite Merc With a Mouth bring his fourth-wall-breaking, chaotic energy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Deadpool 3 will team Reynolds' titular regenerating degenerate with Jackman's Wolverine, the adamantium-clawed mutant also crossing over into the MCU following his two-decade stint in Fox's defunct X-Men film universe. It appears the duo will be co-leads in this flick, too, with Marvel president Kevin Feige revealing Deadpool 3's official logo comprises the pair's iconic face masks.

Despite Marvel's various troubles over the past year, its movie (and Disney Plus show) trailers are always a huge draw. With Deadpool 3 lined up to be a wildly bizarre, R-rated, and hilarious multiversal buddy cop adventure, expect its first teaser to be the biggest trailer shown off during this year's Super Bowl.

Wicked: Part One

Glinda and Elphaba square off in Wicked: The Musical on London's West End
Glinda and Elphaba square off in Wicked: The Musical on London's West End

Release date: November 27
Director: Jon M. Chu
Main cast: Cynthia Erivo, Ariana Grande, Jeff Goldblum, Jonathan Bailey, and Michelle Yeoh

Based on the hugely popular, multi-award-winning stage play of the same name, Wicked is a two-part epic musical fantasy movie whose first installment is sure to dominate the box office around Thanksgiving 2024.

Talented actor Erivo (Pinocchio) and pop sensation Grande (Don't Look Up) star as Elphaba and Glinda, who respectively go on to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch – aka the famous magic wielders who play significant parts in the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz. Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwartz, who penned the world-renowned musical play, co-wrote the script for this one, too, while Jon Chu (Crazy Rich Asians, In the Heights) will bring his unique filmmaking eye to give Wicked a classic yet contemporary look.