Deadly tornado rips through Montreal suburb

Stretches of a Montreal suburb were left left devastated on Tuesday after a deadly tornado tore through the area a day before.

One man was killed in the storm and nearly 50 homes were destroyed.

One resident of Mascouche, just outside of Montreal, said he's never seen a tornado nearby.

"I've never seen that in this region before. I've seen storms. We've been frozen out in the winter, but never a storm like this."

Residents emerged Tuesday morning to the sound of chainsaws, as city workers cleared out debris.

Environment Canada said the tornado traveled nearly 2 miles and reached speeds of almost 140 miles per hour.

Local media reported a 59-year-old man died after taking shelter in a shed later thrown by the tornado.

Quebec state Premier François Legault vowed on Tuesday to help the city rebuild with financial support.